In early 1994 the representatives of nine oil companies operating in Slovakia signed the Memorandum of Foundation of the Slovak Association of Petroleum Industry and Trade and approved the statutes of the association. Slovak Association of Petroleum Industry and Trade (hereinafter reffered to as “SAPPO” or “Association”) is a legal entity, a group of ineterest composed of legal entities – trading companies which are engaged in the production, processing, transport, sale and distribution of crude oil and petroleum products, petrochemical production, mining, transport and storage of crude oil and petroleum products. The Association was established by the Memorandum of Foundation dated on 1st March 1994 under Article 20 f and the Civil Code (Act No. 40/1964 Coll. as amended). The Association is registered in the Register of Interest Associations of Legal Persons at the District office of Bratislava.

The main objectives of the association are:

  • providing information on the possibility of applying new technologies in the oil industry, the gas industry and hydrogen and their support in respect of economic, financial and environmental aspects of this economic segment as well as trends in mobility services
  • protection and mutual support in promoting the general ethical and economic interests of its members in the field of mining, purchasing, processing and transportation of oil, when shopping, transportation and marketing of petroleum products, other fuels and motor fuels (hereinafter referred to as “motor fuels”) including their marketing and presentation

The main principles of SAPPO are:

  • SAPPO does not pursue any policy objectives and does not carry out any business activities. It promotes the implementation of conclusions and goals that are common to all members or to the vast majority of them.
  • SAPPO member companies lay stress on quality of the products and offered services. Member companies of Association are achieving very good results in the quality fuel sold as a result of the application of their own quality control system, constant care for the fuel quality, certification of producers, distributors and transporters and application of ethical rules of the SAPPO.
  • Member companies of the Association consider the Ethical rules of the Association as their code of ethics which declares to public their attitudes and standards of behaviour in business strategy focused on customer and friendly approach to environmental protection.
  • Compliance with the legislation governing the behavior of market participants is considered by SAPPO member companies to be a minimum of ethics. They voluntarily undertake to behave in their business activities beyond the legal standards in accordance with the SAPPO Code of Ethics.