SAPPO members welcome the changes set out in the common European commitment on carbon neutrality. Today´s high standards that are part of the production, distribution and sale of petroleum products should remain the norm in the new low-emission and zero-emission mobility. In this regard, SAPPO aims to support the conditions for the development of responsible, transparent and sustainable activities of producers and sellers of sustainable fuels and lubricants.

Our member companies supply a significant amount of energy to the Slovak market, so our goal and the biggest challenge at the same time is to ensure that this supplied energy is sustainable, low-emission and to transform our industry into sustainable and low-carbon production with a clear goal – to ensure environmental and climate protection. As part of the dialogue between SAPPO member companies and state institutions, we are working together on a responsible and sustainable approach to meet Europe’s climate goals, which are reflected in a key EU document – the European Green Deal.

The path to low-emission and zero-emission mobility is only possible through a transformation process based on the development of modern technologies and innovation.

The joint effort of all SAPPO members is to provide energy to everyone who needs it on their travels. SAPPO member companies perceive their common role – to come up with solutions that will contribute to the European Union’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. Most members have therefore set out a plan to reduce emissions and to become carbon neutral by 2050. The companies associated in SAPPO are those which, with their experience, size and global reach, can show the direction that mobility and energy resources will take in the coming decades.

Diversification of solutions

The goal of all members is to find the right and balanced low-emission energy system that will, on the one hand, enable transport for everyone who needs it and, on the other, bring the world to carbon neutrality by 2050. The crude oil and natural gas will continue to play an important role in this transformation, and therefore our primary goal is to focus on innovation in the production of low-emission liquid fuels.

SAPPO is ready to cooperate with state institutions and associations whose goal is to implement solutions for sustainable transport.

Reducing the carbon footprint in production processes

The refining industry will continue to reduce its carbon footprint from its activities and products, and will therefore provide citizens and businesses with fuels and other products that support the goal of carbon neutrality. It will use its technological know-how and flexible infrastructure to make greater use of new and non-fossil raw materials, such as renewables, waste and captured CO₂, and to make further progress in the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies

Technological neutrality

The main goal of SAPPO is to contribute to Slovakia’s achievement of carbon neutrality, in particular through sustainable and cost-effective decarbonisation of the economy, which will enable solutions that support the maintenance of technological neutrality. According to SAPPO members, maintaining technological neutrality is the key. It is a path that we fully support.

Maintaining competitiveness

SAPPO members will support the transition to a low-carbon economy, which is necessary, but transition must be done in such a way that the required industrial and economic changes are not disproportionately burdensome for society and jeopardize the competitiveness of EU businesses and thousands of jobs. It is therefore essential that the transition to sustainable technologies does not hamper economic growth or lead to the mass closure of companies, which would affect the whole society.


SAPPO members will support greenhouse gas reduction technologies that are economically, technologically and energy-efficient.