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Marián Socha Predseda SAPPO


Dear friends,

Slovak Association of Petroleum Industry and Trade helps many decades to create fair, transparent and ethical business conditions in the petroleum trade in Slovakia.

Thanks to the high professionalism of our working groups is SAPPO long-term reliable partner for state and public administration. We are members of working groups of relevant ministries concerned with the assessment and implementation of EU directives. Our comments are highly appreciated and often assist in the formulation of new legisaltion and directives respectively in their amendments.

In 2015 we set ourselves the ambition to be more active also in the international fiels. Without exaggerating, I can state that we were able to fulfill this ambition. Just a few examples:

• In April 2015, we organized an international conference of the National Oil Industry Associations (NOIA) of Central and Eastern Europe, attended by six delegations. Representatives form european organization, Fuels Europe also took part in this conference.

• We were partners of 9th year of Central European Energy Conference (CEEC).

• We participated in a european project called “Save more than fuel”, launched by Fuels Europe.

• We organized the first international teleconference of Central Euroepean NOIAs in order to exchange experiences.

Our activities continue heading to our partners. In 2015, we continued in fulfillment of the Memorandum with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, or the fulfillment of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Financial Directorate of the Slovak republic.

Dear friends, this short report of our activities is only a small part of interests, which our Association covers. Let me therefore invite you to browse through the Annual Report to get an idea of the SAPPO activities in 2015.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all members of SAPPO and our Office, for their professionalism and assistance in the running of the Association. I would also like to thank members of all our working groups for their time, active and professional approach. Without their hard work, we could not achieve success as referred in this Annual Report.

I wish you pleasant reading …

S úctou

Marián Socha 
Predseda SAPPO